Plotting the Course

First and Foremost

For starters, I’d like to begin my inaugural post to this blog by sayiNG GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH YOU GUYS YOU GUUUUYYYYSSSS I’M SO EXCITED OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS YOU GUYS I’M LEAVING IN 19 DAYS I’M SO EXCITED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because I think it’s helpful to establish what the reader can expect from the overall feel of a project right off the bat.

Dean Winchester - Pointing at pieSeriously though: SO pumped about this trip.

So the deal is, I’m leaving on November 10th to begin a road trip where I’m basically heading south from Milwaukee ’til I hit Oklahoma, then hanging a right ’til I hit water.

When all is said and done I’ll have been traveling for about a month and a half, covering approximately 6,000 miles, sleeping on countless couches, hanging out with innumerable strangers*, and eating more diner pie than your average Winchester.

Behind The Scenes

To prepare for this trip on a creative level, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… about stuff… between taps on my snooze button. That counts as “real creative work,” right? When slightly more awake, I’ve also been compiling lists of interview questions, reading memoirs and personal narrative essays, and setting and meeting mini writing goals to prepare for the writing schedule ahead of me.

Honestly, though, I credit those snooze button daydreams with some of my most inspiring and fruitful planning sessions.

To get things ready on a practical level, my life has been taken over by lists — in notebooks, on post-its, on the backs of receipts. I’ve never been so consistent about always carrying a pen with me before in my entire life.

The first thing I see every morning - my bedside lists.

The first thing I see every day – my bedside lists.

Most of my list-making has centered around stuff I need to do to prep my car for the journey ahead, so expect to see a post or two in the future with what I’ve learned about Getting Your Car Road-Trip Ready. I’m also pretty well covered on lists of other things to take care of before I leave, ex. get my mom a copy of my car key to mail me just-in-case, burn CDs to drive to, stock up on Advil, get the names and numbers of my along-the-route contacts into the hands of the friends and family most likely to fret about my safety, etc.

I’ve gone on a handful of lengthy solo trips before, as well as a handful with my mom, so I’ve been on auto-pilot for the most part since deciding this summer that I wanted to take this trip in the first place. Now that I’m down to just over two weeks before Go Time, however, I’m getting a wee bit panicky at the prospect of how much I have left to get done before I go – like an oil change, getting my windshield replaced, writing up a living will…

But those are worries tasks for tomorrow! For tonight I’ll catch up on Arrow and Doctor Who, fold another load of laundry, and go to sleep dreaming of open roads with no one around to hear me singing along to “Ramble On.”

“Leaves are falling all around, it’s time I was on my way…”

*In well lit public places and someone will always know where I am, mom.


2 thoughts on “Plotting the Course

    • That guy has an unhealthily codependent relationship with his brother, fights monsters and demons for a living, and can’t make a relationship work to save his life. I’m leaning towards stopping at that diner and meeting that pie


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