Day 1: St. Louis

After a short night’s sleep (because really – who can get a full night’s sleep before starting on a big adventure???), I started my journey off yesterday morning with Swedish pancakes, courtesy of my dear ma who loves me enough to wake up at 6:30 in the morning to cook a sit-down breakfast.

Road trip starting in 3'... 2'... 1'... NOW!

Road trip starting in 3’… 2’… 1’… NOW!

I can’t even remember the last time I sat down at a table for breakfast. Isn’t that something people only do on TV? Three bites of toast and then off to work or school, leaving mom with a table of dishes full of food she may as well not have prepared in the first place since no oneย ever sticks around long enough to eat it??

But I digress.

Adventure. I started it yesterday with Swedish pancakes. And sausage. And orange juice and coffee. And mom was there, and dad, and the dog, and it was great.

And it reminded me why I always return home when I’m done adventuring.

(Some time when it’s not almost 1 am before a day I’m about to spend 8 hours driving, I’ll post some car-packing tips I’ve picked up along the way for any fellow road-trip-drivers happening across this blog.)

Day 1 was all about driving from Waukesha, WI to St. Louis, MO to meet up with my friend Carolyn, who I met throughย a Facebook group a couple years back. She and I had never met in person before, so it was great finally getting to put a “person” with the “persona.”

Her first order of business was taking me over to the Loop where we walked up and down Delmar for a bit before hitting Fitz’s for dinner. (Their Delmar Chili Mac is the bomb and you should not hesitate to order it immediately. Repeatedly.) And heck yes we both got the bottomless root beers do you even need to ask??

screw consciousness 2I was kinda wiped out from getting so little sleep before the day’s drive, so all I could handle was a trip through Vintage Vinyl before we headed back to her place to chill until I could no longer hold my eyes open and was in bed by 9:30 because being a grown-up is exhausting.

I want to tell you about meeting her grandmother, and about her dogs, and about the lovely little room I’m staying in (it even has a desk! eeee!!) but seriously you guys I’m just… I can’t… hrrrggghhhhmmmmfffffff…

Heading toward Oklahoma City tomorrow morning. Hang tight, dudes. I’ll get all checked in to wherever-I’m-staying and then post about Grandma Annette, and setting off art museum alarms, and the joy of watching Supernatural’s 200th episode with internet friends because THAT is what living in the future is all about.

Until then *flops into bed* g’night all you beautiful, beautiful people you.


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