Day 2: St. Louis (con’t)

The local Quick Trip didn’t have Swedish pancakes, so Day 2 of my road trip began with a gas station cappuccino and a bag of cheddar jack Cheez-Its instead.

St. Louis Art Museum

St. Louis Art Museum

Thus filled on coffee and Red Bull, Carolyn and I hit the road for the St. Louis Art Museum, where we spent the morning looking at absolutely everything, including a gift shop mug covered with clothed famous nudes from the art world, whose clothing disappears when you fill the mug with hot liquid, and a several hundred year old painting of a prostitute pointing and laughing at a miniature painting she is holding of her own naked booty, with a caption on the painting itself cracking wise about how no one would know it was her from behind.

I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

We also saw a real-life sculpture someone made of this Snapchat meme.

Carolyn and me at the art museum

Carolyn and me at the art museum

And then I set off an alarm by putting my hand on a handrail intended for the putting on of one’s hands.


Post-museum we traipsed around the World’s Fair Pavilion for a bit before hitting up Dewey’s on Delmar for “Socrates’ Revenge.”

(Did you click the link? Did it sound delicious? Did it?! Because it was oh gosh it was it was!)

The remainder of the afternoon brought in another walk through Vintage Vinyl, a run through Rocket Fizz, and a layover at Starbucks before it was time to head back to the house so I could start yesterday’s post. Which got eaten instead of saved so I had to start over. *grumble* But back to the house…

Carolyn’s house is a Good Place. A place with dogs and soft guest beds and donuts and an electric kettle and coin collections. A place with pictures of John Wayne. A place with a grandma full of stories about the shenanigans her own mother got up to. Like the time her mother took her grandsons to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Or the time her mother went on a road trip with her girlfriends to Las Vegas, except it turned out they’d gone to Las Vegas New Mexico

Amidst stories and writing and puppy cuddling, we somehow also found time to watch last night’s 200th episode of Supernatural.


Listen: If you find yourself with the opportunity to drive hundreds of miles to go to a museum and eat cool food at new places and then watch TV with someone awesome you met on the internet, you need to take advantage of that opportunity because it means you are living in the future ok?

Good news everyone: The Future has dogs.

Good news everyone: The future has dogs.

This is what the pioneers got dysentery and crossed rivers with pixelated oxen for. Don’t let them down.



8 thoughts on “Day 2: St. Louis (con’t)

    • No promises, but I will definitely try to avoid it.

      Or — maybe I already *did* avoid it?? Maybe I have guardian angels who were protecting me from the Dangers Of Pizza last night…


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