“I’m Leavin’ On Three Jet Planes…”

It doesn’t matter how clever I think I’m being, my friend Jenny sees right through me every time.

YOU’RE MOVING TO SOUTH AFRICA,” she announced, when I set down two bottles of South African wine on her dining room table a couple months ago.

Jenny how do you DO that?!


Jenny and I gearing up for a shared pattern: Mushrooms then sarsaparilla then swordplay innuendo at the Ren Faire.

“The only time you ever bring over clothes you’re getting rid of is when you’re about to move,” she explained. “And the wine, well…”

I thought of the ten or so stuffed bags of tops and dresses I’d just dropped off in the other room, and of all the previous overflowing sacks of personal effects I’d attempted to pawn off on her over the years before embarking on countless other journeys.

Well how ’bout that. Guess I do have a pattern. A regular John H. Watson, that girl is…

Except this time around I’m not actually moving anywhere. What I am doing is heading to Cape Town, South Africa in July to spend several months with my friends Laura and James, who will be there while James works on a project with the Syfy Channel.


I’ve had a number of different jobs over the years, but I cut my teeth on babysitting.

I can’t find a picture with all three of us in it, which — I mean, I feel like that’s one of those things you should just have if it’s a friendship worth following to the other side of the globe, you know? The closest I could get is this one I took of them with their daughter a few years ago, if you’re willing to pretend I’m the dinosaur.

So… yep. My next trip is to live with friends in South Africa. Is that not the weirdest, greatest thing? I have all the visa paperwork in hand, and the most gorgeous flight itinerary that’s ever had my name on it, and I still can’t believe this is a real thing I am actually doing.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions – I know I did – so I’ll attempt to get the big ones out of the way right off the bat:

Q: What about work? Won’t they miss you?
A: I’m taking something of a sabbatical, though I will – as always – remain connected thanks to the co-blessings of Internet + Dropbox.

Q: What about your mom? Won’t she miss you?
A: Okay but why you gotta be like that though?

Q: What about Ghostbusters? Won’t you miss it?
A: It comes out right before I leave, so no worries compadres. I’ll get to see it before I take off.

Okay so that’s work, mom, Melissa McCarthy… That should cover it, right?


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